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How to Take Advantage of Acupuncture Even if You Hate Needles

If you suffer chronic pain of any sort, you know how precious relief can be. When you watch TV, surf the web or read a magazine, you’re instantly drawn to stories about new treatments and medications to relieve pain.

No doubt that acupuncture has crossed your path. Who wouldn’t be interested in a treatment that not only offers relief from pain in almost any part of your body, but also helps improve your immune system, circulation and mood?

But for some, the thought of one needle, let alone many, sends them searching for other options.

If you’ve always wondered whether everything you’ve read about the benefits of acupuncture is true, but haven’t tried it because of a fear of needles, here are a few things to consider that might help change your mind.

1. They’re Not Like Medical Needles

No one can be blamed for cringing every time they get a flu shot or need to have a blood test. The needle hurts. But acupuncture needles are extremely thin and, while you may feel a sensation, it is not nearly on the same level as the pain you feel from a regular needle.

2. Here’s Proof That it’s Not the Same

Acupuncture is regularly used to treat a number of ailments in children, some as young as two months old. If they can handle it – and benefit from it – you can too.

3. Stop Thinking About Needles

Hair-thin acupuncture pins are so unlike regular needles, it’s not a fair comparison to think of them in the same way. It might be easier to think of it as inserting a thin pin instead of “getting a needle”.

4. It’s Not Like You’re Immobile

There’s a popular misconception that once acupuncture pins have been inserted, you can’t move a muscle lest you start a stampede of excruciating pain. That doesn’t happen; you generally can move freely without pain. Also, if you’re at all anxious, your acupuncturist will proceed at a pace you’re comfortable with and will be ready to stop at any time.

5. Acupuncture is More Than Needles

One way to ease your way into acupuncture is to try one of the other treatments acupuncturists provide that don’t involve needles, include acupressure.

If you’re looking for relief from joint pain, arthritis or other chronic pain, but have been avoiding acupuncture because of the “needle” effect, why not take at least the first step and talk to one of the registered acupuncturists here at PinPoint Health. They’ll give you straight answers to help inform your decision.


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