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Concussion, treatment

Treatment & Rehabilitation for Concussion

As we learn more about concussions and their effects, different treatments and rehabilitation for concussions also evolve. Unfortunately, the shifting understanding of the best treatments can cause confusion and even make symptoms worse. One example is the traditional advice to rest and avoid activity. While that is still recommended in the short-term following a concussion,… View Article

High School Sports Concussion

3 High School Sports With the Highest Concussion Rates

We’re all still learning about the causes and effects of concussions. Anyone can suffer a concussion in a wide variety of situations, including a fall or motor vehicle accident. But contact sports are generally considered to pose an increased risk of concussions for its participants. Unfortunately, the high school sports with the highest rates of… View Article

Concussion, treatment

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Concussion?

Despite increased attention in recent years due to their prevalence, concussions remain the victim of a lot of misunderstanding. Part of the reason is the range in severity of concussions. Symptoms of concussion can be relatively mild, like a headache, or quite severe, like long-term post-concussion syndrome. The lack of understanding leaves many people trying… View Article

Doctor examining concussion

How Sydney Crosby’s Recent Injury Highlights Our Misunderstanding About Concussions

Even in a relatively violent sport like hockey, the area in front of the goal is like a lawless world. Hits and slashes and other rough play that might draw a penalty call elsewhere on the ice are routinely let go by referees looking to keep the game flowing. To most viewers, a double-hit against… View Article

Mindfulness Meditation And Concussion Recovery

With last month being Brain Injury Awareness Month and the topic of head trauma being at the forefront of research studies, movie topics and newspaper headlines, the word “concussion” appears to be everywhere. As a healthcare practitioner, it is important to keep up to date with new research findings surrounding this topic and implement them… View Article