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woman, standing, with, 3d, image, of spine, showing, good, posture

The Importance Of Good Posture

Good posture offers many benefits to your overall health. It can keep your muscles more limber and give you more energy. You may also find that your body is able to move better, whether during sports or other forms of physical exercise. So, let’s go over the importance of good posture. Reduced Back Pain If… View Article

topical, cream, on, elbow

The Benefits of Topical Creams for Pain Relief

When the topic of pain relief comes up, whether for headaches, muscle soreness or arthritis pain, most people think about using oral pain medication. Fortunately, especially if you don’t like swallowing pills, topical creams can help relieve many of your aches and pains, especially those related to strains, sprains, muscle soreness, and joint pain. Perhaps… View Article

Concussion, treatment

Treatment & Rehabilitation for Concussion

As we learn more about concussions and their effects, different treatments and rehabilitation for concussions also evolve. Unfortunately, the shifting understanding of the best treatments can cause confusion and even make symptoms worse. One example is the traditional advice to rest and avoid activity. While that is still recommended in the short-term following a concussion,… View Article

Holiday and Winter Blues

How to Stop the Holiday and Winter Blues Before They Begin

They may have already grabbed you. For some, it doesn’t set in until February. For others, the Christmas holidays are tough to get through. The ‘winter blues’ can happen to any of us. And it’s no surprise. The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and even those of us who enjoy winter activities probably… View Article

Here's 5 Key Elements Of Physical Fitness

5 Key Elements Of Physical Fitness

Considering all the detailed online advice, like recommendations for how much cardio is good, and strength training plans for leg day at the gym, we can sometimes lose sight of what are the main elements of overall physical fitness. After all, even if you do tons of cardio and crush it on leg day, you… View Article

Stretches at the office that will help you stay active and less stressed

4 Office Desk Stretches to Help You Stay Fit

If you work at a desk all day, you’re probably on the computer a lot. If you’re on the computer a lot, you’re probably well aware of the dangers and harm to your health that working at a desk all day can do.  So what have you done about it lately? Don’t worry. Despite all… View Article

In today's article, PinPoint Health shows what the connection is between emotional and physical health is.

The Connection Between Your Emotional & Physical Health

To very quickly show how your mental or emotional health can affect your physical health, think of the following scenarios. Have you ever felt really tired after a particularly stressful day at work – even though your job isn’t physical? Or does your stomach get upset when you have an important interview coming up? These… View Article

Weekly physical activity | PinPoint Health

4 Ideas to Get Your Recommended Weekly Physical Activity

Can you believe it? You already jog for half an hour twice a week, and you go to the gym for another hour. (You stick to that routine every week right?!) And you’re still half an hour short of Health Canada’s recommendations of getting ‘2 ½ hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week”…. View Article

Reasons behind sore muscles | PinPoint Health

How to Treat Sore Muscles

If you exercise regularly, they can feel like an accomplishment. If you aren’t so active, you might think that they are a sign that you’ve hurt yourself and you shouldn’t exercise so much. What can be considered an accomplishment by some and a warning sign by others. Sore muscles of course. At least the muscles… View Article

Prevent injuries at the cottage | PinPoint Health

4 Tips to Prevent Injuries at the Cottage

Just their remote locations make it important to prevent injuries at the cottage. At the cottage, you’re probably much further from the medical attention that you are at home. And that problem is worse the more remote your cottage is or if it’s a water-access cottage. You also might not even be near the cottage… View Article