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Massage Therapy

Reasons behind sore muscles | PinPoint Health

How to Treat Sore Muscles

If you exercise regularly, they can feel like an accomplishment. If you aren’t so active, you might think that they are a sign that you’ve hurt yourself and you shouldn’t exercise so much. What can be considered an accomplishment by some and a warning sign by others. Sore muscles of course. At least the muscles… View Article

Active release technique (ART)

What to do When You’ve Tried Everything and Still have Pain

Everyone gets a few aches and pains. Sometimes you can’t sit in one position for very long without feeling stiffness and/or sensations when you get up. Or maybe you can’t pull your shoulder all the way back like you used to. Of course, there’s the lower back pain that almost all of us endure. The… View Article

Ways to make your massage better

6 Ways to Make Your Next Massage Better

We’ve told you before about the benefits of massage therapy, particularly when it’s delivered by a registered massage therapist. From pain reduction and improving mobility, to helping you deal with anxiety and stress, massage therapy can help both your physical and mental health. So what have you done lately to make your massage sessions even… View Article

3 Ways Physiotherapy Helps You Achieve Your Exercise Goals

Have you ever bought a year-long gym membership and stopped going after three months? Or one month? Don’t think you are alone. One study of gym membership data found that most people don’t make it past the five-month mark in the first year-long gym membership they buy. Many gyms are still in operation only because… View Article

Swedish Massage Therapy to help with mental health

How Swedish Massage Therapy Helps Your Mental Health Too

Massage has long been known to relieve the symptoms of stress. Massage programs have been linked to a reduction in the levels of the hormone cortisol, which is released by the adrenal gland in response to stressful situations. So less of it means less stress. But new research shows massage therapy can help one of… View Article

The “New” Benefits of Massage Therapy

The “New” Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has moved away from the “spa services” stereotype it’s suffered for many years. Today, it continues to gain popularity as an effective treatment delivered in businesses, hospitals and physical therapy clinics. One of the reasons that the image of massage therapy has changed is our increased knowledge of the wide range of benefits… View Article