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Physiotherapy For Runners – Is It Necessary?

If there’s one thing we wish that people knew about physiotherapy for runners, it is that it can be as much of a preventative measure as it is an aid to healing and recovery. The fact is some statistics show that most runners suffer some form of injury every year due to their running. But… View Article

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Physiotherapy and Sport Injury

Physiotherapy helps people get back their strength and mobility after an injury. While those injuries can happen in almost any situation, sport injuries are one of the most common applications of physiotherapy. It’s why so many professional and high level sports teams and individuals have dedicated physiotherapists. Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, can also… View Article


How Physiotherapy Can Help Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is back pain that persists long after the injury or underlying cause has been treated or eliminated. The pain can range from being an irritant to severely affecting a person’s quality of life. Chronic back pain sufferers can feel helpless. Acute back pain suffered due to poor posture or over-exertion, may be… View Article

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5 Benefits of Physiotherapy

The benefits of physiotherapy go way beyond recovering from injuries and accidents. Depending on the issues you face, physiotherapy can deliver a number of physical and mental health benefits not normally associated with the treatment. Physiotherapy—also called physical therapy, though some maintain that there are subtle differences between the two—focuses on how your body moves… View Article

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A Primer on Occupational Therapy

If you’ve never been treated by an occupational therapist, you may be confused about what they do or even what occupational therapy is.  This form of therapy is often required following an injury suffered at work to return the patient to full health and function. What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapy isn’t limited to your… View Article

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Chiropractor vs Physiotherapist: Who Should You See?

Let’s say you’re suffering neck pain, or joint pain, or you have a sore shoulder, and you want relief. Who do you visit, a chiropractor or physiotherapist? Markham chiropractors and physical therapists treat many of the same muscular or skeletal conditions. But understanding the differences between chiropractic treatments and physical therapy can help you find… View Article

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4 Tips to Prevent Injuries at the Cottage

Just their remote locations make it important to prevent injuries at the cottage. At the cottage, you’re probably much further from the medical attention that you are at home. And that problem is worse the more remote your cottage is or if it’s a water-access cottage. You also might not even be near the cottage… View Article

Physical Therapy

3 Reasons for Getting Physical Therapy When You Don’t ‘Need’ It

Maybe this post shouldn’t be about why you should get physical therapy even when you’re not in pain, but about not letting stereotypes about treatment modalities get in the way of you enjoying their benefit. If you asked anyone when you should get physical therapy, just about all of them would say something like: after… View Article

3 Ways Physiotherapy Helps You Achieve Your Exercise Goals

Have you ever bought a year-long gym membership and stopped going after three months? Or one month? Don’t think you are alone. One study of gym membership data found that most people don’t make it past the five-month mark in the first year-long gym membership they buy. Many gyms are still in operation only because… View Article

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How to Avoid Sports & Exercise Injuries This Spring

Once the clocks “spring” forward, you know that even if it isn’t here yet, warmer weather is on its way. After a few months of cold temperatures, spent mostly indoors – and inactive – no one can be blamed for chomping at the bit to get outside for a little exercise and fresh air. But… View Article