COVID-19: PinPoint Health Safety Procedures


PinPoint Health Fall October 2020 Clinic Update

Our Fall Clinic Update

It’s been a while since our last update! We have been back in full swing at the office for some time now and we are happy to report that things are operating very smoothly. The outpouring of support from our community and from our loyal patients has been incredibly heartwarming. Our staff are all so… View Article

PinPoint Health Team wearing face masks within the clinic to keep patients safe and healthy.PinPoint Health Is fully operational

Our Clinic Update – We Are Fully Operational!

We Are Open! We have now been back in full swing at the office since June 1st. Things are operating smoothly and we appreciate everyone’s co-operation with all of the new policies and procedures put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. We now have all of our chiropractors and massage therapists back in… View Article

Important update on PinPoint Health's Urgent Care and Re-opening

Important Clinic Update on Urgent Care and Re-opening

Hello from the PinPoint Health Team! We hope that you and yours all remain safe and healthy. We are providing another clinic update as the climate for re-opening is changing so rapidly it’s the best way for us to keep everyone informed. Urgent Care The first update is with respect to urgent care. While our… View Article

PinPoint Health's COVID-19 Clinic Update. Virtual appointments are available!

Our COVID-19 Clinic Update

We hope this update finds you and yours safe and healthy. As of today, it appears that our collective efforts are having a significant impact on “flattening the curve” here in Ontario. At PinPoint Health we continue to try to do our part in fighting this virus by remaining closed for patient visits.  Virtual Appointments… View Article

what is occupational therapy

A Primer on Occupational Therapy

If you’ve never been treated by an occupational therapist, you may be confused about what they do or even what occupational therapy is.  This form of therapy is often required following an injury suffered at work to return the patient to full health and function. What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapy isn’t limited to your… View Article

High School Sports Concussion

3 High School Sports With the Highest Concussion Rates

We’re all still learning about the causes and effects of concussions. Anyone can suffer a concussion in a wide variety of situations, including a fall or motor vehicle accident. But contact sports are generally considered to pose an increased risk of concussions for its participants. Unfortunately, the high school sports with the highest rates of… View Article

Holiday and Winter Blues

How to Stop the Holiday and Winter Blues Before They Begin

They may have already grabbed you. For some, it doesn’t set in until February. For others, the Christmas holidays are tough to get through. The ‘winter blues’ can happen to any of us. And it’s no surprise. The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and even those of us who enjoy winter activities probably… View Article

shoulder pain could mean you have one of these conditions.

This is Why You Have Pain When You Move Your Shoulder

Of course, if you tried to throw a football for the first time in who knows how long, you have a pretty good idea of why you have shoulder pain. But sometimes you feel pain when you move your shoulder and you don’t know what you did to cause it. Two things might have caused… View Article

Here's 5 Key Elements Of Physical Fitness

5 Key Elements Of Physical Fitness

Considering all the detailed online advice, like recommendations for how much cardio is good, and strength training plans for leg day at the gym, we can sometimes lose sight of what are the main elements of overall physical fitness. After all, even if you do tons of cardio and crush it on leg day, you… View Article