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The “New” Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has moved away from the “spa services” stereotype it’s suffered for many years. Today, it continues to gain popularity as an effective treatment delivered in businesses, hospitals and physical therapy clinics.

One of the reasons that the image of massage therapy has changed is our increased knowledge of the wide range of benefits it delivers. Previously, massage was unfairly considered simply as a way to relax and relieve stress. While those are great benefits, massage has much greater role as an effective treatment for the symptoms of conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to stroke and whiplash.

Another part of the change in perception about massage is the high level of training that Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) receive. Today, if you walked into a massage therapy clinic, you wouldn’t be taken to a table immediately. Instead, the RMT would ask about your condition, injury or ailment and choose a type of massage treatment specifically to address the symptoms.

As we mentioned, massage therapy is now used to effectively treat symptoms of a number of conditions and ailments, and just a few are listed below.

Improves Sleep – Yes, massage therapy is relaxing, but it can help those who have sleep difficulties. Massage techniques have been shown to help chemo therapy and radiation patients get sleep when no other non-medical treatment works. It’s also effective in getting infants to sleep more, cry less and be less stressed.

Counteracts Negative Effects of Over-Sitting – There’s been a lot of attention paid in the media to the idea that “sitting is the new smoking”. The postural stress that results from prolonged sitting makes muscles become tight and joints stiffen. Massage therapy counteracts all those symptoms and more.

Boosts Your Immunity System – Studies indicate that massage increases a person’s white blood cell production. White cells protect your body against infectious disease.

In addition treating so many different health issues, massage therapy is increasingly used as a “preventative care” treatment. Athletes and physically active people alike get regular massage treatments to keep their posture, circulation, muscles and joints finely tuned, which helps prevent stress and injuries before they happen.


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