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Promote Lifelong Detoxification

Dr. Robert W. Horovitz, B.Sc., ND

Now that summer is in gear, we  all know people that are bringing up the topic of detoxification.  The  problem with detoxes in boxes or ‘fad’ detoxes such as the ‘master  cleanse’, is that they fail to address the individual.  People experience symptoms such headache, nausea, etc., which the  industry calls the ‘healing crisis’.  This is the result of the body’s  detoxification methods being manipulated out of balance.  Too much phase 1 detox and not enough phase 2 is a common example.  This can be  avoided with a responsible detoxification program.  I offer a  comprehensive hair mineral analysis, which evaluates people for certain  toxins (lead, mercury, other mineral contents, etc.).

My custom detoxification  programs are in depth, including a full intake, physical exam, and  nutritional work up.  I treat using acupuncture and herbs in addition to nutritional recommendations that are specific to your individual’s  case.  My therapies are designed to improve and rejuvenate major  detoxification organs (liver, kidney, skin), promote energy, vitality, and to empower people to move forward with their goals.

Common skin ailments (eczema,  psoriasis, acne, rosacea) can be treated very effectively.   Overindulgence can be effectively treated (alcohol, smoking, weight gain).  People suffering from migraines, chemical sensitivities,  digestive concerns should consider my comprehensive detoxification  program designed for them.  I encourage you to speak to your family  members, friends, patients about supporting lifelong detoxification.  I  am available for free 15 minute consults and as always e-mails are welcome at


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© 2024 PinPoint Health. All Rights Reserved.