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Corporate Wellness

A wellness program that will improve the productivity of your business.

A wellness program that will improve the productivity of your business.

Healthy bodies and minds lead to more energy, which in turn increases motivation and productivity. Do you have a business that requires a lot of output and have you noticed your employees have gotten a bit sluggish? Mend this problem by implementing a wellness program to improve the productivity of your business. Happy people work longer!

PinPoint Health can help you and your employees stay in-tune with your emotional and physical health. Our professionals will work to restore your sense of balance, ultimately increasing drive and enthusiasm to come to work. Incorporating a wellness program into your company’s culture will improve employee morale. Large corporations like Google and Facebook are successful for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones being their incorporation of fantastic wellness programs. People who are happy to work for you will make the extra effort to ensure your company’s success.

The most common reasons for employee absenteeism are depression, mental illness, and stress, according to an Ipsos-Reid study. Corporate wellness programs encourage employees to take better care of themselves both mentally and physically, keeping the number of absent employees down to the ones that really need to keep their cold germs to themselves.

Employees with more risk factors, including being overweight, smoking and having diabetes, cost more to insure and pay more for health care than people with fewer risk factors, according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. So, if you help your employees learn how to prevent those risk factors from occurring, you’ll not only have healthy, long-living employees, but you’ll also save money from benefit claims. Sorry, insurance companies!

Corporate wellness programs are a win-win situation for everyone!

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