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Our main focus is on performing timely, comprehensible, supportive and accountable assessments with reliable, defensible conclusions. Strong academic qualifications and clinical experience built upon a foundation of sound scientific research result in conclusions that are designed to solve the medical-legal challenges and provide excellent outcomes.

The preparation of a case requires many facets to blend together. We can help you meet your needs for medical documentation—physical and mental. For over 15 years, our evaluations have provided thorough, comprehensive, timely and defensible documentation and reports. Our experts are able to coherently and comfortably present and defend their findings and are available to attend court if necessary.

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE)

A Functional Abilities Evaluation is performed by a certified Kinesiologist to help identify a client’s physical work tolerance. Using thorough assessments and measurements, the assessor will determine the physical impairments, abilities and limitations that exist.

CORE (Comprehensive Orthopaedic Researched Evaluations)

CORE evaluations are led by an established and well regarded orthopaedic surgeon who is extremely well qualified to evaluate and render opinions on injuries sustained by your client. The prepared report (as well as all other reports prepared using our services) contains detailed findings, an executive summary of findings, recommendations for further investigations and treatments, and prognosis as well as commentary on impact of the injuries on work activities and activities of daily living.

PECS (Psychiatric Evaluation Centres and Sleep-medicine)

With PECS, an assessment and report regarding psychiatric issues which are pertinent to the injury are provided. Sleep studies and evaluations are performed when required. The PECS evaluation can be performed independently but it is usually combined with an assessment of physical impairments (either Physiatry or Orthopaedic).

PROFES (Psychiatric, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic and Functional Evaluation Services)

PROFES is a complete and extremely comprehensive evaluation consisting of physiatry, orthopaedic and psychiatric assessments, and reports, as well as a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE). PROFES is designed to evaluate the condition of an individual in the most detailed manner. It provides the certified assessor sufficient information to meet what is required to determine Catastrophic Injury Threshold (as per AMA Guidelines 4th edition). All findings are detailed and presented in a consensus executive summary report. Other assessors can be added (e.g. Neurologist, Neuropsychiatrist, Dental Specialist, etc.) as required and requested.

For inquiries on how to refer clients to Maxabilitation Inc. for independent medical evaluations, please contact us at [email protected] or (905) 475-2001 ext. 26

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