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Restore the balance of your body and mind at PinPoint Health.

Restore the balance of your body and mind at PinPoint Health.

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PinPoint Health was founded with the goal of creating health care centres that offer exceptionally high quality and high value rehabilitation and wellness services to the general public. We value creating a brand that the public can trust by offering the best quality evidence influenced care for a patient’s overall well-being. PinPoint Health is accountable to our patients and recognizes that their satisfaction is our primary objective. Our team of health care professionals and support staff has developed a reputation for not only providing the very best care and management for the patient’s health, but also creating relationships that make them feel like they are part of the family!


PinPoint Health is striving to become a leader and the standard for rehabilitation and wellness clinics. Rehabilitation and wellness care is complicated and often mismanaged. For that reason, PinPoint Health will continue to create a brand that stands for excellence and exceptionalism. We pride ourselves in our accountability and the relationships we create and we trust that our patients feel the same way. We will continue to always progress and continue to introduce the latest interventions and so that we are providing every patient with the latest and best evidence influenced services for their well-being. Rehabilitation and wellness services are growing rapidly and as they do, consumers need a place they can be sure about. PinPoint Health is and will continue to be where patients can be sure, when they’re unsure about their health.

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