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Intramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) or Trigger Point Dry Needling is a treatment approach designed to alleviate muscular tightness and spasm which commonly occur before or after an injury.  In many cases, IMS/Dry needling is a complementary technique often incorporated within a Physiotherapy or Massage Therapy treatment plan. **Billed as part of a Physiotherapy Treatment for Insurance Reimbursement**

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What to Expect at the First Visit

 What to Expect at the First Visit

Our IMS/Dry Needling providers at Infinity Health Centre first conduct a comprehensive health history and physical examination to determine a specific diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan that will yield the best and fastest results.

IMS or Trigger Point Dry Needling involves inserting fine, sterile, disposable acupuncture needles into muscles that have contracted, become ‘stiffer’ or shorter, and have produced pain. The goal of the treatment is to achieve a local twitch response within a painful muscle to release muscle tension, alleviate pain, and restore optimal range of motion.

How Does IMS/Dry Needling Treatments Help?

 How Does IMS/Dry Needling Treatments Help?

IMS/Dry Needling specifically targets ‘trigger-points’ or ‘muscle knots’ within a muscle.  These ‘trigger points’ or ‘muscle knots’ are hyperirritable spots within a muscle that is often tender to palpate and often feel ‘ropey’ or stiff.   IMS/Dry Needling works by releasing these ‘trigger points’ or ‘muscle knots’ leaving muscles less painful, more flexible, and even stronger.  Several trigger-points can be treated in a single session.

Common Conditions Treated:

 Common Conditions Treated:
  • Muscle tension + spasms
  • Nerve pain
  • Headaches
  • Scar tissue removal
  • Tendonitis/Bursitis
  • And much more…

Our Team-Based Approach

At PinPoint Health, we pride ourselves on being leaders in multidisciplinary collaborative healthcare. Our IMS Providers are an integral part of our healthcare team and will often collaborate with other healthcare providers within our clinic to ensure the very best care is provided.

At PinPoint Health, we make patients feel empowered by providing them with successful custom treatments that integrate a variety of physical therapy tools and approaches. Using our expertise, we educate patients about ways to maintain optimal health and prevent future injuries.

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