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FASTEC and Maxabilitation Assessments

Evaluate, identify and eliminate health risks associated with your workstation.

Our extensive roster of Healthcare Professionals and Management Approach allows for block booking and medical assessments to be delivered quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

FASTEC was created to fulfill the need for a comprehensive evaluation providing relevant, high quality, and understandable information, performed in a timely manner. The FASTEC assessment evaluation team consists of leading personnel in the field of medicine and evaluation. This group of professionals and specialists are well equipped to deal with the complex and demanding nature of medical/legal assessments and reports.

The FASTEC evaluation is comprised of multiple assessments by our experts in order to garner the most complete and thorough understanding of the status/condition of the individual undergoing the evaluation. We specialize in Chronic Pain assessments for clients suffering from Motor Vehicle Collisions, Slip and Falls, and Long-Term Disability.

The staff at FASTEC desire to make the assessment process efficient and pleasant (for those who refer and those who are referred). We strive to meet deadlines and provide a defensible, detailed, and accurate medical-legal report.

If you would like more information about FASTEC, including the assessment and report, general timelines for completion, evaluators, and fees, please contact us at: or 905.475.2001.

The information gathered by our assessors will be used to create defensible reports for you.

The reports will:

  • Address impairments related to the collision/incident
  • Include references from peer reviewed journals
  • Provide prognoses using medical-legal/SABS terminology
  • Make disability statements
  • The depth and detail of each of the protocols and procedures, as well as the FASTEC report, result in a very comprehensive assessment and thorough documentation tailored to meet the needs of the legal representative and their client.

FASTEC/MaxAbilitation Inc. was involved in a record setting settlement for a chronic soft tissue injury – $3.5 million – in the judgement from the Superior Court of Ontario in the case of Degennaro et al vs. Oakville Trafalgar. (Court File #22753/00).

In his summary, Judge Gray commented positively on Dr. Gordon Ko and his work stating, “It is difficult to imagine an expert witness more qualified than Dr. Ko.”

Our main focus is on performing timely, comprehensible, supportive and accountable assessments with reliable, defensible conclusions. Strong academic qualifications and clinical experience built upon a foundation of sound scientific research result in conclusions that are designed to solve the medical-legal challenges and provide excellent outcomes.

The preparation of a case requires many facets to blend together. We can help you meet your needs for medical documentation—physical and mental. For over 15 years, our evaluations have provided thorough, comprehensive, timely and defensible documentation and reports. Our experts are able to coherently and comfortably present and defend their findings and are available to attend court if necessary.

This is a multi-disciplinary assessment that provides a detailed, defensible report containing findings, summaries of the client’s disabilities, prognosis, and recommendations for further diagnostic investigations, as well as, further treatment options. Furthermore, the evaluation results in clear and defensible commentary on the impact of injuries on activities of daily living, as well as, work demands and the client’s ability to return to work. The specialists involved in this assessment typically include a Physiatrist, Chiropractic Specialist, and Kinesiologist

The Foundational Assessment is a cost-effective way to answer YOUR questions for those cases that are not on the verge of going to court. It will provide you with dependable information to assist you and your client in evaluating the case and preparing for negotiations. This report will provide comments on Diagnoses, Prognosis and make Disability statements. The assessment and report will make evidence-based, objective conclusions and will hold up in negotiations.
​Included in this report:

  • Chiropractic evaluation
  • Specialist evaluation (i.e. Physiatry, Orthopaedic, Neurological, etc)
  • Referral for Diagnostic tests as needed
  • File Review
  • All administration handling involved in setting up the assessment, communication with the client, and ensuring you receive your report in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

*Please note that for matters that proceed to trial, a multi-disciplinary FASTEC Comprehensive Assessment is mandatory, even if a Foundational Assessment has already been completed.

Evaluating the physical, mental and behavioural injuries for client’s suffering from motor vehicle collision injuries, we provide in-depth, quality and evidence-based reports, helping you to support your client’s claims. Our professionals will help to identify your client’s activities of daily living and if the essential tasks of their employment are compromised due to injuries suffered in the motor vehicle collision.

Our professionals include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Physiatrist
  • Neurologist
  • Chiropractic Specialist
  • Pediatricians
  • Chronic Pain Specialists
  • Family physicians (without subspecialties)
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation

Lawyers need to know if a client has a physical injury that can be supported by medical evidence. Preparing an in-depth analysis can be costly. It would be of value to have a brief, inexpensive test to identify clients who have physical injuries.

Here at FASTEC, we are introducing an opportunity to have your client assessed in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to help determine the source of pain. Diagnostic facet joint block testing is the ideal objective and gold standard test measure for identifying your client’s source of pain.

​Learn more:

We have created a streamlined process to have your client screened to determine if they have facet joint mediated injury for as low as $300!

As a personal injury lawyer, you need to know if your client has a physical injury that can be supported by medical evidence. We are pleased to offer a timely and cost-effective way to provide this valuable information to you and your client. The Diagnostic Facet Joint Block (DFJB) testing is one of the most recognized and supported protocols for identifying physical sources of pain.

Initially, it will involve your office providing us with your client’s information by completing a referral form. We will communicate with your client directly to arrange the screening evaluation with Dr. Gordon Lawson. Payment will be due upon completion of evaluation (an invoice will be sent out, minimum $300).

Your office will be contacted once Dr. Lawson has completed his evaluation. At this time, involvement from your firm will be required to have the client proceed to Diagnostic Facet Joint Block testing.

After DFJB testing has been completed, our office will follow up with you to advise of the results of this testing. You can then decide if you wish to pursue a full FASTEC multidisciplinary assessment or obtain a brief DFJB result report.

We are here to make this process easy, efficient, and effective in aiding you in preparing a strong case for your client. With the provision of a simple prescreen test procedure you will be able to determine if objective, evidence-based support is available for your client’s condition.

For for information, please contact us at

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FASTEC and Maxabilitation Assessments

Created to fulfill the need for a comprehensive evaluation providing relevant, high quality, and understandable information, performed in a timely manner.

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