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4 Benefits of Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional counselling is completely different than dieting. It involves assessing your health needs to create a healthier lifestyle. It is about long term results and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Here are 5 benefits of nutritional counselling. Manage Chronic Conditions If you have diabetes, high cholesterol, or insulin resistance, then consider nutritional counselling. Any… View Article

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What Are Naturopathic Treatments?

Naturopathic treatments come in various forms and can treat numerous conditions. They use a combination of modern day science and traditional forms of medicine. Herbs, massages, acupuncture and nutritional counselling are some forms of naturopathic treatments. Let’s go over what you need to know about them. How It Works Essentially, the goal of naturopathic treatment… View Article

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The Importance Of Good Posture

Good posture offers many benefits to your overall health. It can keep your muscles more limber and give you more energy. You may also find that your body is able to move better, whether during sports or other forms of physical exercise. So, let’s go over the importance of good posture. Reduced Back Pain If… View Article

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5 Times To Try Acupuncture

If you’ve ever thought of trying acupuncture, you may wonder when would be a good time to do so. In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is considered a technique to balance the flow of energy — known as chi or qi (chee) — through pathways in your body through the insertion of small needles in various… View Article

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Physiotherapy For Runners – Is It Necessary?

If there’s one thing we wish that people knew about physiotherapy for runners, it is that it can be as much of a preventative measure as it is an aid to healing and recovery. The fact is some statistics show that most runners suffer some form of injury every year due to their running. But… View Article

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The Benefits of Topical Creams for Pain Relief

When the topic of pain relief comes up, whether for headaches, muscle soreness or arthritis pain, most people think about using oral pain medication. Fortunately, especially if you don’t like swallowing pills, topical creams can help relieve many of your aches and pains, especially those related to strains, sprains, muscle soreness, and joint pain. Perhaps… View Article

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Physiotherapy and Sport Injury

Physiotherapy helps people get back their strength and mobility after an injury. While those injuries can happen in almost any situation, sport injuries are one of the most common applications of physiotherapy. It’s why so many professional and high level sports teams and individuals have dedicated physiotherapists. Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, can also… View Article

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5 Benefits Of A Custom Knee Brace

No matter what the reason, if you need a knee brace, it’s probably not good. It means you have suffered an injury or have some other issue with your knee, like arthritis, and you need the brace for support. Still, while the reasons for needing a knee brace may not be great, the braces themselves… View Article

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Treatment & Rehabilitation for Concussion

As we learn more about concussions and their effects, different treatments and rehabilitation for concussions also evolve. Unfortunately, the shifting understanding of the best treatments can cause confusion and even make symptoms worse. One example is the traditional advice to rest and avoid activity. While that is still recommended in the short-term following a concussion,… View Article


Are Compression Stockings Effective?

If you suffer from swelling in your legs, you may have heard that compression stockings can help. Also known as compression socks, they are widely used in compression therapy treatments for a wide range of conditions. These include circulatory issues with blood vessels, like venous insufficiency; blood clots; varicose veins and venous ulcers; and lymphatic… View Article