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Advanced Sports Therapy

Inspired and created by PinPoint Health Centre’s senior Chiropractor, Dr. Karim Riskallah, the Advanced Sports Therapy Program is an advanced treatment and assessment program aimed to help athletes – at any level or sport improve athletic performance. Treatment sessions expand from typical Chiropractic treatments by the continuous optimization and assessment of the entire body’s functional range of motion; a prerequisite to optimize and/or improve sport-specific movement patterns.

Although many treatment interventions may be utilized during sessions, advanced soft tissue manual therapies predominate, most notably, Functional Range Release + Medical Acupuncture + Joint Mobilization/Manipulation. Combined with a specific corrective rehabilitation exercise program, athletes will be provided with a foundation based on the latest scientific principles to improve their mobility, speed, and power? and thus, improve their sports performance and success.

For any questions or inquiries regarding The Advanced Sports Therapy Program, please contact Dr. Riskallah directly at

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