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This is Why You Feel Pain in Muscles & Joints in the Morning

It’s safe to say that most of us would like to be the kind of person who jumps out of bed in the morning ready to make the most of the day. “Up and at ‘em!” they say before they head out and conquer the world each day.

It’s also safe to say that the reality for most of us, especially as we get older, start our mornings with muscle and joint stiffness that makes getting out of bed a groan-inducing experience.

While we generally understand that inactive muscles and joints need to warm up before they can fully function, we don’t know a lot about what actually causes stiffness and pain.

The Causes of Muscle & Joint Stiffness & Pain

Of course, if you have a condition like arthritis, you know that it’s the reason for the pain you feel. But for the rest of us, those with no known condition, here’s why the thought of “jumping” out of bed can make you wince.

Age isn’t the only reason for muscle and joint stiffness after long periods of inactivity. The stiffness can also be caused by the wear and tear of above-average activity, stress, and tight muscles.
As we age, the buffering cartilage in our joints dries out and gets stiffer, and less synovial fluid, your joints’ natural lubricant, is produced.

Unfortunately, if you experience pain in your joints, there is a good chance that it’s caused by arthritis, or other conditions including bursitis, gout and tendinitis. But the inactivity can make the pain symptoms worse.  

How to Reduce Muscle & Joint Stiffness & Pain

Medications may help with the pain, but one of the best ways to make it easier to get out of bed in the morning is by staying more active during the day and exercising to increase and maintain muscle and joint strength and flexibility.

Our Markham physiotherapy clinic offers a number of effective treatments to help you reduce muscle and joint pain, including massage therapy, chiropractic treatments and acupuncture.

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