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“The Doctor Pain Show” Launches on Corus’ Talk Radio AM640

Humber Health Specialist Inc. is launching a live call-in radio show on Talk Radio AM640. The show will air every Saturday at noon and be hosted by the company’s President, Dr. Luigi Nalli. Dr. Nalli will dictate the conversation of each episode and be referred to as, “Dr. Lou” for a more digestible personal reference for listeners.

The show will be named, “The Doctor Pain Show” since it will focus on all things pain related. Listeners will have the opportunity to interact directly will Dr. Lou and call-in on live radio to address their ‘pain- related’ concerns and questions.

This show offers Humber Health Specialists Inc. the ability to highlight the expertise it can provide the listeners of the station that span Southern Ontario in the Golden Horseshow area and predominately the Greater Toronto Area. It is anticipated that the show will be listened to by tens of thousands of listeners every Saturday.


The PinPoint Health Show

with Doctor Lou

Each week Dr. Lou presents new and interesting topics, delivers fascinating and often humorous case studies, and most importantly takes your calls as he tries to demystify the most common yet most misunderstood symptom in all of healthcare.

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© 2024 PinPoint Health. All Rights Reserved.