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How Physiotherapy Can Help Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is back pain that persists long after the injury or underlying cause has been treated or eliminated. The pain can range from being an irritant to severely affecting a person’s quality of life.

Chronic back pain sufferers can feel helpless. Acute back pain suffered due to poor posture or over-exertion, may be treated with regular exercise or massage therapy. But chronic back pain, especially more severe cases, can make even those treatments very painful. It can get so severe, surgery may be the only option.

3 Ways Physiotherapy May Help Chronic Back Pain

For chronic back pain sufferers who are considering surgery, physiotherapy is often recommended as an alternative.

Physiotherapists have a wide variety of treatment options that they may use to help treat your chronic back pain. The first thing a therapist will do is a physical analysis and assessment of your condition. They will then develop an evidence-based, personal treatment plan specifically to treat your condition.


Movement and exercise are key to relieving any back pain. It can help chronic lower back pain in two ways. First, it helps to reintroduce motion into a virtually immobile lower back. Second, exercises that improve your core strength help your core support your back, which can promote other treatments for the pain.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapies, like soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation, can be used to get immobile joints moving and increase the range of motion in your lower back.

Improve Your Posture

If you could improve your posture, you would likely improve your pain symptoms. A physiotherapist will show you proper posture for different tasks, including basic ones like sitting and standing. Being more in control of your posture helps relieve pain. But it also gives you more control of your core, and that helps your back too.

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