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Ashiatsu massage

Ashiatsu Massage

Relieve Chronic Pain, Improve Circulation, and Promote Deep Relaxation

Ashiatsu Massage, also known as barefoot massage, is a therapeutic massage technique first practised in ancient Asia. During an Ashiatsu Massage treatment, the therapist uses their feet and body weight to apply deep, broadly-based pressure to different parts of your body. The therapist uses overhead bars for balance and control while applying the therapy.

Ashiatsu massage offers a relaxing and therapeutic experience to treat chronic pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. The deep, broad pressure also helps to reduce scar tissue and improve overall flexibility. 

During treatment, the therapist uses their feet to apply long, continuous strokes across your back, legs, and arms. The Ashiatsu Massage technique is intended to reach deep layers of muscle tissue that may not be treated with manual massage therapy. The pressure the therapist applies can be customized and  targeted to treat your specific symptoms, and can range from gentle to deep, according to your preferences.

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