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3 Ways to Avoid a Visit to the Chiropractor

Yes, considering that we offer chiropractic treatments in Markham, it may seem counterintuitive for us to tell you how to ‘avoid’ using those services. But there are a number of changes you can make to your daily routines that can help stave off the need for chiropractic treatments.

One of the worst things you can do to your back, spine and overall posture is to sit at a desk for extended periods; like many of us do at work. Whether at standing desk or sitting, your body isn’t designed to remain in the same position for very long. When you do, your body becomes fatigued and you shift your position, usually to one that is not the greatest for your posture and back.

Sitting at a desk too long could not only put your back and spine out of alignment, but it can also cause many of the symptoms that come from poor posture, including back and neck pain and headaches.

3 Ways to Avoid Backpain & Visiting the Chiropractor

If you want to reduce those symptoms, and the chance that you might need a chiropractor to realign your spine and put everything back into place, use some of the following steps when sitting for extended times at work.

1. Get Up and Move

Your body is made for motion. When you are using all or most of your muscles, they remain aligned. Try things like standing up when someone visits your desk or during phone calls; or do a ‘walk and talk’ if someone wants to chat.

2. Use Good Posture at Your Desk

Whether you sit or stand at a workstation, there are a few things you can do to improve your posture. Align your eyes with the top edge of computer monitors. Keep you’re the arms of your chair at a level that makes your forearms parallel to the floor when using your keyboard and mouse.

3. Your Chair Isn’t the Answer

Yes, you should use a comfortable chair. But no amount of ergonomic design turns your chair into a magic device for eliminating the effects of bad posture. Instead, regularly shift your seating position and/or consider moving from your chair to an exercise ball for five to 10 minutes every hour.

In the end, while the vast number of ergonomic products available for your office and desk might help somewhat, there is no substitute for motion to keep your body in fine form. Get up a few times an hour, and try to be conscious of your sitting position and don’t stay in it for too long. That’s really the best way to avoid visiting your chiropractor.

But you know where you should go when it is time for effective chiropractic treatments, right?!


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