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To Run or Not to Run…

Run   If there is no pain walking or going up or down stairs. If the pain or stiffness is only present at the start of the run. If the pain does not worsen as you you keep running day after day. If you are able to modify the causative factor so that factors 1… View Article

Preventing Spinal Instability

Everyone is familiar with or has experienced personally the scenario where one leans over to pick up a pencil, and upon rising, their back “gives out.”  How is it possible that bending over to pick up something as light weight as a pencil can result in so much agony and pain?  The answer lies deep… View Article

Living with Lifelong Wellness

Dr. Robert W. Horovitz, B.Sc., ND Summer commenced with inspiring goals towards Lifelong Wellness. People everywhere finally awoke from hibernation and began venturing into the wonderful world of long walks and fresh, flavorful health foods. Stress began to plummet and energy was on the rise. Weight began to drop, and in some cases, remnants of 6… View Article

Healthynomics: Getting to the Heart of Cholesterol

Dr. Robert W. Horovitz, B.Sc., ND For all of those people who might not be aware that they are capable of lowering their cholesterol, triglycerides and improve their overall cardiovascular health, please have a look at my health article posted on Healthynomics. This cholesterol article features  lab values, common concerns with respect to high… View Article

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Promote Lifelong Detoxification

Dr. Robert W. Horovitz, B.Sc., ND Now that summer is in gear, we  all know people that are bringing up the topic of detoxification.  The  problem with detoxes in boxes or ‘fad’ detoxes such as the ‘master  cleanse’, is that they fail to address the individual.  People experience symptoms such headache, nausea, etc., which the … View Article

Promote a Healthy Stress Response!

Dr. Robert W. Horovitz, B.Sc., ND What’s Slowing You Down? Our society is over worked.  It is no secret that stress is a huge correlative killer.  In nature we have evolved to use our stress response to our advantage; to hunt, run away, and simply put, to survive.  A properly functioning stress response is essential… View Article

Promote Healthy Cholesterol!

Dr. Robert W. Horovitz, B.Sc., ND Cholesterol has been given a bad name for far too long and it is time that someone finally set the record straight.  Cholesterol is not only as bad as people think, but is actually in many ways essential for promoting Lifelong Wellness.  Every cell in our body has a… View Article