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How to Stay Active this Winter

Even if you make a point of getting out and enjoying the winter, you probably miss the summer when it’s gone. There’s something about not having to bundle up every time you go outside, and enjoying long-lasting days.

Whether or not you enjoy the winter, it’s important to stay active all year round. Not only is it good for your health, but it helps you get back into your outdoor activities sooner and safer when springtime finally rolls around.

Still, when it’s freezing outside, dark at five o’clock and you’re just feeling a little down, it’s tough to get motivated to get off the couch.

4 Tips for Staying Active This Winter

First, if you plan on keeping up with outdoor activities this winter, you should read these “Safety Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather”. And you should always consult your doctor if you plan to start regular exercising or if you’ve not exercised for a while.

Try Something New

It’s easy to get into the winter doldrums, especially when it comes to exercise. If you can’t do your usual routine because of the weather, give yourself a challenge. Learn to skate or ski. Or even try one of your summer activities, like cycling, on a dry, ice-free surface in winter.

Indoor Locations to Replace Your Outdoor Routes

If you like to jog, there are many community centres and fitness facilities with indoor running tracks.
If you like to walk, head to the mall and commit to doing a couple of laps before you shop for anything!

Use the Buddy System

One of the best ways to find motivation is to work out with a friend. When you’re committed to exercising with someone, it’s more difficult to come up with excuses to avoid it.

Stay Home

But get active. Maybe you can set up a bit of a home gym in the basement. Or use the fitness facilities in your condo. When you don’t have to go very far to exercise, you have more chance of doing it.

In addition to becoming more active and exercising in cold weather, even changing your exercise routine, can increase your risk of injury. Always be cautious and pay attention to your body.


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