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FASTEC & Maxabilitation Assessments is Now PinPoint Health

PinPoint Health is happy to announce that it has completed the acquisition of FASTEC & Maxabiliation Assessments. FASTEC & Maxabiliation Assessments’ current clients include Personal Injury Lawyers and Law Firms that require Independent Medical Examinations and defendable reports for their client’s cases.

The team consists of leading medical experts that provide on-time and comprehensive medicolegal or medicolegal reports.

The company will now operate as FASTEC & Maxabiliation Assessments, a division of PinPoint Health. This will allow PinPoint Health to continue to expand its Medical Evaluation/ Assessment division and broaden its scope to include these reports on both the defense and plaintiff sides.

PinPoint Health will also utilize its current roster of medical evaluators and assessors in Humber Medical Assessment to expand the roster of FASTEC & Maxabilitation Assessments.


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© 2024 PinPoint Health. All Rights Reserved.