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The Orthopeadic Physiotherapy Specialists is Now PinPoint Health

Humber Health Specialist Inc. is thrilled to announce the completed acquisition of The Orthopeadic Physiotherapy Specialist, or as it is more commonly known, TOPS physiotherapy as of June 2017.

The clinic is located within William Osler Health System’s Etobicoke General Hospital site at the Medical Office Building at 89 Humber College Blvd in Etobicoke, Ontario. Within a few years, the clinic will be moving to 115 Humber College Blvd., which is part of Etobicoke General Hospital’s redevelopment and will be housed in the new state-of-the-art Etobicoke Wellness Centre.

This acquisition will allow Humber Health Specialists Inc. to expand its service offerings in the Etobicoke and Humberwood communities and work closely with Humber Family Chiropractic, Rehabilitation & Wellness. The new services being offered will include physiotherapy, pre and post- operative rehabilitation, orthopedic surgeon consults and sports medicine consults.

It will also include specialized treatment modalities, such as, laser therapy and shockwave therapy and provide specialized goods, such as, custom bracing for issues, such as carpal tunnel, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, shoulder dislocations, and knee instability.

The clinic was started by Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Robert Gordon and Dr. Manoj Bhargava, who will both remain as part of the team, to continue providing high quality care.

The clinic focuses and will continue to focus on shoulder injuries (rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and impingements), hip injuries (labral tears, arthritis), and knee injuries (ACL/PCL tears, MCL/LCL injuries, and meniscus tears).


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© 2024 PinPoint Health. All Rights Reserved.