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Physiotherapy For Runners – Is It Necessary?

If there’s one thing we wish that people knew about physiotherapy for runners, it is that it can be as much of a preventative measure as it is an aid to healing and recovery. The fact is some statistics show that most runners suffer some form of injury every year due to their running. But too many choose to ‘push through.’ But even the slightest twinges or aches can be a sign of a larger problem to come.

Fortunately, another fact is that many runner’s injuries can be avoided with physiotherapy before inquires happen. A consultation with a physiotherapist can help all runners stay on track in three main ways.

Assess Your Specific Physical Condition

There’s no shortage of advice for runners. It’s all over the web, and you friends are always eager to help. Except none of it takes into account your specific condition, your gait, and your goals. In addition to offering therapy, physiotherapists can assess your strength, range of motion, overall flexibility, and even your gait. Understanding the specifics of your condition can identify preventative treatments and exercises to complement your strengths and weakness. And it can help prevent injuries to which you may be more susceptible.

Advice Tailored to You

Similarly, if you want to take your running to a different level, or want to choose the right shoes or other athletic wear, your physiotherapist can help here too. From recommending ways for you to recover better from exercise, to suggesting aids like orthotics, a physiotherapist can offer personalized advice to not only get more from your running program, but also minimize injuries.

Tailored Treatment

By knowing your specific condition and requirements before injuries happen, not only does it help prevent injuries, but your physiotherapists can also personalize treatments more specifically for you after an injury. This can help accelerate healing and recovery, including less pain, less time away from your program and a faster return to top form.

To learn more about physiotherapy, check out our recent article Physiotherapy and Sport Injury.


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