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The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics can help those who struggle with foot pain. Whether you play certain sports, wear certain shoes, or have specific medical conditions, there are many things that can affect your feet. And, all of them can cause foot pain. It can inhibit your ability to walk without feeling pinches or shooting pains throughout your ankle, preventing you from moving through your day painlessly.

Here are some benefits of custom orthotics.

Tailored To You

Custom orthotics are made specifically to fit your feet and help address the issue(s) you have. Your doctor will evaluate your condition, your pain symptoms, and then decide what orthotics will be best for you. Regardless, you know your pain will be eased as the custom orthotics are tailored for you.

Correct Foot Abnormalities

There is no such thing as having perfect feet. And, sometimes, feet have abnormalities that cause pain and can go unnoticed physically. Having custom orthotics can help correct and ease any pre-existing foot abnormalities, helping you to move better and lessening any pain you have when walking, running or standing.

Alleviates Pressure

It isn’t uncommon for pressure to build up in your feet. The cushioning that is provided through custom orthotics can help re-distribute the pressure throughout your feet and alleviate it. If your job requires you to stand all day, you may notice a massive difference since your feet will be better supported.

Improves Lower Body Health

If you experience knee, back, or ankle pain along with foot pain, custom orthotics can help. Your lower body depends on your feet to help keep your body balanced and aligned. If your feet are experiencing pain, then they might also be contributing to pain you feel elsewhere in your body.

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