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3 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

When many people think of chiropractic care, they think of relief for back pain or neck pain. It makes a lot of sense. Manual therapies, including spinal manipulation and neck manipulation, are the basis for chiropractic treatments—and the reduction in pain and functional improvements they bring.

But effective treatment can go beyond chiropractic adjustments of the spine and neck. Chiropractors can also use soft tissue manipulation therapy, massage therapy and a variety of other types of treatment.  These include heat and cold treatment, therapeutic joint and range-of-motion exercises and lifestyle management.

The result is that chiropractic care can offer relief from the symptoms of a far wider variety of ailments than most people realize.

Symptoms that Chiropractic Treatments Can Improve

One of the basic benefits of a chiropractic treatment plan is that it begins with a holistic review of your health history and an overall physical examination. This is the basis of how your chiropractor creates a treatment plan focused on your particular condition, symptoms and needs.

Headaches & Migraines 

Very often, the root causes of your headaches and even migraines can be treated through spinal manipulation and other chiropractic adjustments that improve spinal function, relieve pressure on your nervous system and improve circulation.

Pain from Injuries

Swelling and inflammation from sports or workplace injuries can reduce your range of motion and make any movement excruciatingly painful. Through joint manipulation and mobilization, and additional treatment modalities and therapies, proper function can be restored to promote healing and relieve pain.

Reduce Your Need for Pain Medication

Chiropractic adjustments can help to treat different types of pain, especially neck and back pain. Pain relievers offer temporary relief from pain symptoms. But chiropractic adjustments address the root causes of the pain, which can often reduce the need for pain medication.

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