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5 Benefits of Physiotherapy

The benefits of physiotherapy go way beyond recovering from injuries and accidents. Depending on the issues you face, physiotherapy can deliver a number of physical and mental health benefits not normally associated with the treatment.

Physiotherapy—also called physical therapy, though some maintain that there are subtle differences between the two—focuses on how your body moves and is used to help restore, maintain and improve a person’s physical strength, range of motion and function.

Physiotherapy treatment options can include manual therapies, including different types of massage and soft tissue mobilization; a range of motion exercises; heat and cold therapy; electrotherapy; Kinesio taping, and other treatments as may be needed.

How Physiotherapy Helps

Physiotherapy can help people of all ages enjoy long-term relief from a wider range of conditions and symptoms than many people realize.

1. Manage Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy treatments can help to relieve pain and restore muscle and joint movement to reduce pain. And treatment can often reduce or eliminate the reliance on pain medicines too.

2. Recover from Surgery or Avoid it Altogether

In a way, physiotherapy helps your body heal itself after an injury. This includes injuries for which surgery is a treatment option. If you do need surgery, recovery is often more challenging than the surgery itself. But the right physiotherapy treatment can help you return to your usual physical activities sooner.

3. Restore Mobility

You don’t need to accept aches and pains that make it to stand walk or move around to perform everyday tasks – regardless of your age. Physiotherapy offers pain relief and your physiotherapist can outline a treatment plan, including a range of motion exercises, to improve your mobility.

4. Recover from a Sport Injury

It’s well known that physiotherapy is used by athletes of all skills level to treat and recover from their sports-related injuries. But, what isn’t as well known is how those treatments can help avoid further injury.

5. Improve Your Mental Outlook

Chronic pain, mobility problems, balance issues due to ageing, and many other conditions, can take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. Conversely, it’s much easier to get more enjoyment from life when you get relief from symptoms with physiotherapy.

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